Remix contests are a great way to engage the music community in a creative yet competitive manner - but that doesn't mean it isn't also a great marketing strategy for artists.
With high quality remixes being able to take up dozens of hours, contest owners essentially reap the rewards of huge exposure - a product of the combined days of contestants' hard work.
These contests are too often judged in the dark, with no guarantee judges will listen to any particular individuals work - sometimes the winners are already chosen before the contest even begins.
When a contest runs on RejestoReviews, we offer a host of tools as standard to promote fair and consistent judging. Participating in our contests doesn't guarantee a win any more than it would on other platforms - but it does guarantee your track will be judged in a working environment that values fair and consistent judging.
Why we do it better.
When contests owners approach us for help with the hosting of their contest, they are offered an array of services we provide to help make the judging of contests fairer.
A summary of the choices they picked are displayed on the contest page provided to them by our site.
See the table on the right for a brief summary on what configuration options we feel are best for fair and consistent judging.
CONTESTANTS ANONYMISED: close close close close
WILL BE ON TIME: close close close close
QUALIFIED JUDGES: close close close close
GUARANTEED LISTEN: close close close done
FEEDBACK ON POSITION: close close close done